George Rossidis was born in 1948 in Cairo (by Greek parents). 
He moved permanently to Athens in 1966 where he studied 
Economics at the University of Athens and worked in the position 
of Finance Manager for several Airlines (Qantas, KLM). He has two
children - Delphina 26 y. old and Dimitri 24 y. old.

He was involved with Photography since he was 16, but only from 1998 he is involved exclusively with Photography. His photographs have been awarded, in many national and international competitions, with gold medals and other prizes. His articles and photographs have been published in newspapers, magazines and calendars, including major local newspapers "Eleftherotipia" and "Kathimerini", as well as Penthouse magazine and his photographs have been exhibited in many personal and group exhibitions, in Greece, at the permanent Museum of Hellenism in Canada, at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, at the Art Museum of Reus in Spain, in USA, in Argentina, in Australia, in China, in S. Africa, in Finland, in Rumania, in Belgium, in France, in U.K., in Holland, in Austria, in Luxembourg and in Germany.

In December 1998, the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) has awarded him the title of ARTIST (AFIAP), in recognition of his activities and contribution to Photography, as well as for his successful participation in international photo-salons and in February 2003 has awarded him the title of EXCELLENCE (EFIAP). For the same reason in October 2000, "Image Sans Frontiere" has awarded him the title of EXPOSANT DISTIGUE (EDISF).

His photographs are hosted in major sites of Internet.

For George Rossidis, Photography is a passion, is a continuous spiritual need for an artistic expression and creation.

He uses Canon system, EOS3 cameras with EF/L ULTRASONIC lenses: 17-35mm/2.8f, 28-70mm/2.8f, 70-200mm/2.8f, 300mm/2.8f, 500mm/4.5f and 180mm/3.5f-macro and ZENZA BRONICA ETR Si with Zenzanon lenses 40mm/4f, 50mm/2,8f, 75mm/2,8f and 150mm/4f.

For films he uses colour slides: Fuji ASTIA 100 for his nudes photographs and Kodak Ektachrome 100VS for his Nature photographs.

e-mail: [email protected]