Born in Athens in 1965, started my career in 1983 learning the art of photography in famous studios of the city.
Since 1992 I own a private studio in Athens.
The love for nature and history led me almost exclusively to the landscape photography and the relation between human and environment.
My main inspiration was taken from the images of Ansel Adams and the contrast of the Greek country, which varies tremendously from place to place.
The first illustrated album came in 1998 entitled "The Dragonhouses of Evia" containing 50 high quality b&w photographs of the megalithic structures of the island,
and is a part of a trilogy which is to be released soon.
The images from three of the exhibitions presented in my website are parts of the trilogy.
The black and white, Gothic-like images featured in my work were intentionally shot with light-sensitive ISO 400-3200 and infrared films in oftentimes adverse weather conditions, and during periods of the day when the so-called "magic time effect" was present - in the early mornings, shortly before dusk or even just prior to a squall.
I work as a freelance photographer for many magazines, collecting "colours"
from the unknown Greek landscape.

Basilis Kalalougas
Κanari 5 162 32 Byronas Athens
Tel/fax: 010 7666241 - 0944 827230 - 0977 945293
e-mail :[email protected]


colour land

dragon houses

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