Biography note


Jacques Jack Halber

He was born on November 20, 1931 in Brussels, Belgium
He lives in Santiago, Chile

Member of the ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers

List of Exhibitions:
Individual (One-Man) Shows:
1972:American Cultural Center, Brussels (Belgium)
Subject: Belgian artists vs. American artists in Belgium, plus other personal work.
1975:Mercator Gallery, Brussels (Belgium).
Subject: Abstracts and general, personal work.
1977:Internationaal Cultureel Centrum, Antwerp (Belgium).
Subject: Conceptual Fragments in a Dialogue of Gestalt Photography (with poster).
1981 : Phototheque de Thessaloniki (Greece).
Subject: "Sequences"
1981: Renkum, Doorwerth, Oosterbeek Public Libraries (The Netherlands)
Subject: Selected personal works.
1984: Fine Arts Gallery of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (Feb./Mar.).
Subject: "Obsessions and Affinities"-SerlaVSequence work for and from the book form.
1985: CANON Espace Gallery (Paris, France).
Subject: Cemeteries (around the world). Cibachrome color prints.
1985: Heldelberg Kunstverein/Deutsche?Amerikanische Institut (Heldelberg, West Germany) (with poster).
1985:Galerle de ]a Plaza, Santiago, Chile (with poster, foldout catalogue; reviewed by Waidemar Sommer in Artes y Letras supplement of Santiago's "El Mercurio" newspaper. Also reviewed elsewhere.
1985: (October) Galeria V Tunei', Instituto ChilenoNorteamericano (Santiago, Chile). Black & white work.
1987?(June) Gallery of Instituto Cultural de (]a Corporaclon Cultural) de Las Condes (Santiago). Subject: Cemeteries (throughout the world).
1987: V Tune]' Gallery of the Instituto Chileno?Norteamericano, Santiago.
Subject: /Mystical Landscapes. Color Prints. Sponsored by Kodak and First National Bank of Boston.
1991: (March) 'EI Tunel' Gallery of the Instituto ChilenoNorteamericano, Santiago; Sponsored by Kodak Chile, S.A.
Subject: "Chile ? Poems of LighV- A Foreigner Looks at Chile
1993: (January) 'Montecarmelo' Art Gallery (Corporac16n Cultural of the Municipality of Providencia In Santiago) [By Invitation].
Subject: "Spaces".
2001 : Modigilani Art Gallery (Vifia del Mar, Chile)
Subject: "Caras de I'Arte" (Faces of Art); 36 black and white photographs of famous International artists (M1r6, Alechinsky, Mathieu, Hundertwasser, Seuys, etc.)
2001 : First Professional Photography Prize in '100 Years of Las Condes" (Las Condes Is an Important Santiago borough) Contest with two color photographs.
Group (Collective) Shows:
1979 & 1983:Stedelljk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1983:-Nijmegen Museum (Commanderle van St. Jan), N1Jmingen, The Netherlands.
Subject: The Photographic Self?Portrait in Holland.
1978-1979: Ministry of Dutch Culture of the Belgian Government (Acquisition of a complete black and white series). Publication of series In the Acquisitions Catalogue.
1982-1983-1995: Biblioth6que Nationale (de France), Paris. Cabinet des Estampes et de la Photographle. Acquisition of about forty (40) photographs for their Permanent Collection. Classified and numbered.
- Selected works have been acquired by private collectors: Prof. Kelth Bryant, University of Cornell, Ithaca, NY/USA & others.
- Portraits of Belgian Artists, Acquired by Archives of Modern Art, Brussels, Belgium.
- Collection of the Instituto Norteamericano de Cultura, Santiago, Chile.
Other Affiliations and experience:
- Freelance translator (from French to English) of art books published by Les Editions Loiseau and Les Editions de la Renaissance, both In Brussels (Belgium).
-Researcher, writer and speaker/reader of own texts on Belgian topics used as features by the World Service of Belgian Radio and Television.
- Contributor to the Belgian photo magazine: Vhoto Tribune International" (now defunct).
-Reviewer and critic for the Paris?based "Art & Science" quarterly
"LEONARD0% a university?quality publication, edited by Dr. Frank Malina and published by ergamon Press (U.K.).
-Cooperates with LIAISON International Agency, New York, since end of 1988.
Photos Published In. or made for:
-"PROFILE ? ITT In Europe", including research and writing of articles (aff Illation for about 10 years).
- SABENA REVUE (de?luxe) airline publication distributed twice a year to embassies, etc. (10 years of affiliation).
- DANISH Tourist Board.
" BELGIAN Commissariat au Tourisme (assignments on Parks, Castles & Seacoast).
- City of COLOGNE (West Germany) Tourist Office.
" REUTERS, LTD. (English International News Agency), set of color posters for their Monitor Service.
- Thames & Hudson, publishers.
- Dutch, USA & West German Photo Agencies.
- Extensive photographic Illustrations of the following countries, among others: Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Great Britain, USA, Chile. Also for the UN in 1975: Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tanzania & Tunisia.
- EMI (Odeon) -Chile: Concepts & photos for cassette In?lay cards (1988).
- Christian Science World Monitor Magazine, Dec. 1988 Issue.
" Silver Kris (Singapore Airlines In?Flight Magazine, Sept. 1989 Issue, pp. 105-107, Article and Color Photos by this author on "The Many Facets of Dutch Markets".
- Photo used for cover of "The Psychology of Adolescence% published April 1990 by Editorial Juridica Andres Bello (Chile).
- Photos used in 1nsight Guides: Chile" published by APA Publications (HK) Ltd., Singapore, 1991, 373 pp.
" All photos in book "Por la Ruta del Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia" written by the author, published by ESSO Petrolera de Chile, S.A., 1991, 96 pp. Revised bilingual Spanish?English hardcover republished In 2nd edition at end of 2001.
" Photos published In 1993 de-luxe edition of JCA (Japan's Creators Association) Annual: 9nternational Photography Exposed"
Other Recent Assignments for: - Readers' Digest* - Kawneer Glass Co. - Global Finance Magazine* - US Department of Commerce Magazine* - American Reinsurance Co.* - American Express* - Forbes Magazine* - Bristol?Meyers/Squibb World Magazine* - Amcharn "Journal" (Santiago) text & photos - Ladeco Chilean Airlines Magazine color cover & article - etc.Indicates assignment through agency)