Biography note


Pietro Zucchetti
Pietro Zucchetti was born on October 7,1968 in Rome. He currently lives in London.

Zucchetti has worked as a photographer since 1988.

Since 1990, he has covered National and international news for major Italian and international newspapers and magazines including Panorama, Epoca,Espresso, Repubblica, Il manifesto, L'Unita',Corriere della sera and Der Spiegel.

Beginning in 1990 working for the photoagency Electa in Rome,Zucchetti's coverage of the major national italian news appeared regularly in every national newspaper.

In 1994, he began work in Moscow as correspondent of Blow up photo agency, one of the major works is the Moscow police work.

In 1995 Zucchetti has worked from Sarajevo for the newspaper Avvenire documenting the first stage of peace during the arriving of the IFOR forces.

From 2000 he is working in London for the photo agency Camera Press.

In 2001 he finished the first project in U.K. about homeless people in London.

His photos about homeless people in London are published on the most visited website about photography in the world

and on the Spanish photographic magazine:

Currently Zucchetti is working on a photographic research about Islam in London.

A small part of this research has been published on

on the Argentinians photographic magazines: