Born in Patras, 1945.

1964-1966 A.B.S., University of Pireus
1967 Doxiadis School of Graphic Design, Athens

1980 - 1984
He teaches photography at Vakalo School (Athens).

He founds FOCUS (School of photography, video and new technologies) and gradually abandons advertising photography to engage in personal work.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1995 Monotheamata, Gallery, House Of Cyprus, Athens
1996 Monotheamata, Art Forum Gallery, Athens
1997 The Spectator, Art Space X , Athens
1997 The Spectator II, Nees Morfes Gallery, Month of Photography, Athens

Selected Group Exhibitions
1982 Municipal Cultural Centre of Athens - Greek Union of Applied and Creative Photography
1989 Greek-American Union, 2nd International Month of Photography, Athens
1990 Centre of Arts, Photography Circle, Athens

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