Yuji Tomobe
I am a hobbyist photographer and live in Hitachi City, Japan. 
Hitachi is located at about 100 miles north of Tokyo. I run a 
family business here and I live with my wife, a son and two 
little daughters. My history in photography is not very long. 
A few years ago, I purchased my first digicam Nikon CP950 
and immediately I fell in love with digital photography. Since
then I have upgraded my camera twice and the Canon EOS 
D30 SLR is now my best pal. Every weekend I am in the field 
to shoot almost anything from landscape, nature, to people 
on a street. Because many digital camera users are eager to 
challenge all kinds of shooting they are very fast to learn what 
their own potential talent is. I believe that the digital camera 
plays a great role to give birth of new artists in the field of 
photography. Digital photos run through the Internet. 
It is truly amazing that a frog in my backyard can instantly 
be seen on the eyes of millions all over the world. It really 
carries no boundary between countries. I am sure that digital 
photography will be something that I can put my passion
in for the rest of my life. 

e-mail: [email protected]

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