Biographical Note

Valentin Sichinskiy works in Odessa, Ukraine and has been a professional photographer since 1991.

Art Nude photo

He is a strong force at photography exhibitions and competitions throughout Europe and has won numerous awards for his work.

Last year Valentin was awarded the distinction of Excellence in the International Federation International of Art Photography (EFIAP). Although Valentin has never been formerly schooled in photography he has studied just about everything else: he graduated from Music School in 1989 where he studied the Violin; in 1980 he graduated from Odessa University of Technology with a degree in Engineering; he has also studied Analytical Chemistry and worked as a Television Cameraman.
Despite his success in technology and academia, photojournalism and art photography have been his focus for the past decade. Since 1989 he has worked with the Odessa Museum of Literature as the staff art photographer and has also done some photojournalism for several magazines and newspapers for publishers in the Ukraine, Russia, and Europe. He continues to create beautiful prints and participate in gallery showings and exhibitions whenever possible.

Contact Information:


e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]

Personal www page: Only Nude Art photo by Valentin Sichinskiy EFIAP

Art and Art Nude photo by Valentin Sichinskiy EFIAP

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