Biography note


Samy J Tood
I've been working as a free-lance photographer in Sao Paulo since 2002. Before that, I spent almost ten years in Paris as a personal assistant to Cerhard Vormwald and Jan Michael; as well as several years in Munich, where I studied communication and marketing on top of my free-lance activities. Since I995 member of the ADC New York. The main focus of my work is portrait and fashion photography, although I do work in other areas.

I use photography as a means to get to know myself better and communicate with others, while avoiding smugness in my approach. My pictures change in the course of time as I keep evolving. Hence, a visit to my portfolio can be considered a snapshot...Why don't you have a look for yourself?
A selection of my clients so far: BMG, S&J, Goldmann Verlag, Gruner i Jchr, Bauer Verlag, Color Foto, Sport Revue, AZ, Edition Fillipachi, Edition Arnica, renowned model agencies (elite, FORD, Metropollitan, CLICK etc.) as well as several national and international fashion houses.