Biography note


Σουρής Γιάννης - Souris Yannis
University exposure to journalism gained Yannis extensive experience as designer and art director. His talent quickly led him to a successful career in commercial art.
With a professional background as an award-winning advertising art director,* he began to develop his interest in photography seriously. In the past two years,Yannis has been recognized three years in a row with ‘Photographer of the Year’ awards in Ottawa, several local exhibitions of his work with a most recent one at the National Press Club. Raised in Athens, Greece, he has an Arts Degree from Athens and a Biochemistry Degree from Canada’s Laurentian University. Yannis is a regular presenter of creativity workshops and seminars with emphasis on photography.

Yannis Souris has never been to Herat. He’s never had to outrun a tornado, photograph a prison riot or watch a child die. But he captures images of life that most of us are too busy to notice. Ordinary people in their own backyard or on busy streets. Shots that reflect emotions, paint personalities and bring a humanistic quality to the moment. Glimpses of lives and living that he observes Everyday.

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