Biography note


Samoa Maximiliano

Artistic statement
I am an artist that identifies himself to the work and
let himself
Act and react to it. It's a form of interaction while
I am working on the images
With my computer. My works deal with contradictions. I
switch from digital work to conceptual audiovisual
The computer is my brush. Pixels are my paint.
My works have an essence of fragmentation and bright
I enjoy the interplay of oppositions through layering
of experiences. My digital works depend on the
dramatic portrayal of colour, shadow and environment
to create their mood and sense of surrealism I love
the idea of the viewer finishing the unknown parts of
the story; the work then becomes more personal to the

I try to create a world of surrealism on my images
combining progressive digital techniques with
An inherent knowledge of traditional Photography.


I was born in Trieste (Italy). I am a Dutch citizen
and actually I live
In Spain.
I acquired my bachelors Degree in art from the Ecole
Nacionale Superieur
Des Beaux-Arts and the Ecole des Arts Decoratief in
Paris and a post graduation course
In the Rietveld Modern Art Academy in Amsterdam.
I have exposed in different countries as, Benelux,
Cuba, England, Germany, Spain, Italy USA,
France, Argentina.

My last work was presented in the Biennale of modern
Art in Buenos Aires representing Spain in the museum
of Beaux Arts in November 2002. My last exposition was
in the 5th Biennale of Modern art in Florence December
13 2003.In that opportunity I won the Lorenzo IL
Magnifico price as best in photography.

Actually I just finished an very important exposition
patrocinated from Toyota in the Palau de la Musica de
Valencia Spain, where I presented my works (Las nuevas
esphinges that had an enormous success in national
and international media
This month will appear in Zoom International, Pc
Photos, Zoom Italia, and Tendencies Spain, an article
about my work and me
And in April Vogue Spain will publicize a photo
session fashion in pixels that I am preparing.
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