Biography note


Rudlova Kati

My name is Katerina but because it is quite a difficult name to pronounce correctly for most foreigners, I prefer you call myself Kati instead.

I was born on August 28, 1974 in Ostrava, an industrial town in the Czech Republic.

I have studied at the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Ostrava and in 1998 I received a doctorate in French and Social Sciences.

I received my first camera from my parents when I was 12 years old, and was not beautiful at all at that time! A small "ugly" girl who started to make photographs. The photographs which became my passion.

As a model I posed for the first time in 1998 but my modelling career really started in 2000. Since this time I have had the opportunity to work with many photographers.

Being fascinated by the Art of photography since my childhood I am slowly changing my position from in front of to behind the camera.


I have never had any exhibitions of my work in Galleries or Museums.

I am quite experianced like a model but I am only begginner like a photographer.

I started to take photographs seriously in October 2002 and I am not

sure that I am already on level to make exhibitions. Sometimes, some magazine is publishing my photos and I am happpy with this.

The list of the publications of my photos is on my website.

Philosophy, style :

When I was 12 years old, I received my first camera from my parents.

I was not beautiful at all at that time! I was a small "ugly" girl who started to make photographs. And the photographs became my passion.

I still remember so well how my first camera looked like – body of camera from black plastic and objective to screw, with three small pictures: sunnny, cloudy and half cloudy. The films for 12 black and white photos.

I did like to make photos of my familly but I did like also very much when someone was taking me in photos. That was the reason why, when I was older, I was looking for some opportunity to become model.

When I was 17 years old I participated in my first casting for some Miss contest but I had no success and only when I was 24 years old I did pay one photographer to have my real book. Then, thanks to Internet and to the people who created for me the first website, I started to model for the photographers.

In 2002, I bought a camera Canon EOS 5 and I started to make photographs by my self. I like to make portraits, fashion photos and also my own selfportraits or selfnudes.

The Photography is a big passion for me. No matter what side of camera I am.

email : [email protected]