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the artistic point
Rigoberto Rodriguez

It is not easy to sense, or catch, that fleeting
moment when, for instance, a rock gels to feminine
shapeliness precisely at the same moment that a
woman's beauty attains the perpetuity of stone.
Only an eye standing permanent watch may capture
the rich concurrence of two kingdoms of nature
without slipping into the neighboring field of
pornography. This fly on the wall is enamored.

Rodriguez knows this experience, but acknowledges
that even he does not know exactly how this visual
transgression is achieved. But a poignant sensation
tells him each time the desired image stirs in the
dark chamber of the heart. The critical point
-- the artistic point --is in holding that moment
(Oh Sun! Stop, I tell you!) and showing it unaffectedly,
almost effortlessly, as if lights and shadows,
both victorious, had never battled in the kingdom of
the spirit.The rest is synchrony of hand and soul,
a book lesson exercised in workshops, at work.

In the end, the beauty of the work asks to be
shared, as one might share a secret treat. Silent
and fleeting remains the sweet and slightly bitter
taste of creation, but it is the first sturdy
foothold on the museum mission as a bridge that
welcomes the viewer to the work of art.

Carlos Cesar Rodriguez, philosopher and writer

e-mail: [email protected]

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