Biography note


Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk is an internationally acclaimed photographer and a digital artist specializing in photo illustration, fashion and fine art portraiture.

In her distinctive dreamlike and visionary images she often merges reality with fantasy world.
Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she has been living and working in Toronto, Canada for several years.
Renata's work has been published in a variety of books, magazines (several covers), on CDs, in calendars, on posters, greeting cards, postcards, as well as it has been used in advertising.
To see some samples of Renata's work, including published work, please visit Renata's main website - Light Vision at:
Please also check Light Vision links to see other galleries presenting her work, as well as interviews with the artist.
Renata is available to work on assignment CREATING ARTWORK TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS.
Her ARTWORK COULD BE PURCHASED for a variety of uses (publications, advertising, web usage etc.) directly from the artists or via stock agencies representing part of Renata's work.
CLIENTS' LIST and PRINTED PORTFOLIOS are available on request. Renata's FINE ART LIMITED EDITION PRINTS, as well as REPRODUCTIONS of her work are available directly from the artist. Please see Renata's main website (STORE or GIFT SHOP) for more info.