Biography note


Prescott Gregory

With the use of my camera, I open windows so others can see the beauty of people. We come of this earth as raw exquisite creatures, with a shell of many shades, shapes, and features. And I hope to shine the light on what I call “Forbidden Fruit”, people of color. I depict the sensuality within, the eroticism, the emotional turbulence, the raging ocean within, and the exuberance of pride. I want the light that shines to display exotic creatures of different skin tones and different flavors from black coffee beans, dark mocha, warm butterscotch, sweet cream, silky white chocolate, and rich vanilla. I also deal with shapes and structure and work with light to create what appear to be live sculptures and bodies of art displaced from the Garden of Eden. We are art. We are the greatest creation.

I am a self-taught photographer from Texas that now resides in Los Angeles California, which finds interest in photographing live figures. I picked up the camera with the admiration of work by Herb Ritts. I have had several exhibits and publications in Texas and I am now looking to expand my audience to California and beyond.