Biography note


Politis Paul

I am a self-taught amateur photographer born in Montreal, and currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have been doing my own photographic developing and printing since the late 1980's, although for various reasons, I took very few photographs in the 1990's.

Most recently, I have begun to produce my finished work solely in the digital process, thus abandoning the traditional darkroom. I have found that, for me, the results that I wish to achieve are better attained in a digital darkroom. I still, however, use traditional film for capturing my images. More on this can be read by clicking on "Technique" on the menu at left.

My current interests are in working more with the beautiful light of night photography, and putting together a good body of quality work on the beauty of the female nude. If you are in the Ottawa area, and would like to model on a TFP basis (time for prints), please contact me. As can be seen from the few nude photographs on this site, identifying the model by revealing her face is not necessary, nor often desirable, for what I would like to achieve.