Biography note


Pier Giorgio Bonassin

I've been photographing since 1980 and I prefer working for subjects or themes.
First of all the "Auto d'epoca" whose photos have appared on several italian and foreign magazines, making me well-known and appreciated by the public readers.
Other theme that I ever have been following since 1986 is: "Rivisitazioni". It is an analisys on the world of Art revisited where the Biennale of Venice takes place.
Since september '92 I'm holding office with the Poletto brothers of the Ponte Gallery, that is the point of reference for the venetian photograph and the place for professional as well as connoisser and amateurs.
Not long ago and exacly in the year 1994 when I became a member of the photographic club La Gondola of Venice, I have dedicated all my self on the theme: Mani and Nudo - studio, obteining several prizes and appreciations.
Through the year since march '86 I've exposed in more then fifty personal exhibitions in Italy and foreign countries.
My photos are kept in the archives of photographic club La Gondola, FIAF, LLoyd Adriatic, Venicemarathon, Museum "Luigi Bonfanti", photographic club Fotografica
In the year 2001 I have been conferred with the honorific title of Artist of the Italian Photography "AFI" by the FIAF, the Italian Photographic Association.