Biography note


Papadopoulos George - Παπαδόπουλος Γιώργος
I was born in Corfu Island in 1968 and I was always considered as an artistic minded person from a young age by a lot of friends and relatives. Unfortunately the various paths of life lead my afar from anything artistic and I had to be re-born in UK when i moved here in 1989 where I have worked mostly in IT but also 3 years as a graphic designer in Manchester and now as a web designer for the last 6 years. Although at an enthusiast level, I found that photography fitted well in to my design skills and found to enjoy extremely the last couple of years knowing that I will have to learn a lot as I go along. Working as a web designer and EPOS hardware and software engineer and also running a family of 3 from a young age of 21, I use photography as a stress release valve in to my life and found that it takes me to a 7th dimension. I aim one day to work mainly as a graphic designer and quit IT and EPOS all together! I am a person that gets excited and bored very easily. Design and photography are keeping my life in to middle lane of life and I like it there.


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