Biographical Note


Digital Works
Nicolas Berlingieri

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1947,
he studied in Italy, Switzerland and
Great Britain. He was General Manager
and Vice-president of a leader calendared
plastic industry for 25 years. Now he is
PC analyst and software developer.
He started in amateur photography on 1967,
President of Foto Club Argentino in 1974,
International Exhibition Jury since 1973,
FAAV Grand Committee Evaluator since 1997,
Vice-president of Fundacion Academica de
Artes Visuales, Foto Club Buenos Aires Staff
Member and Digital Area Coordinator since 1998,
FCBA Artistic Committee Member since 1998,
UADE University Digital Photography Professor
in 1999 and FCBA International Virtual Imaging
Chairman.He was Top Photographic Ranking 17
times and run through monochrome, color print,
color slides, audiovisuals, stereoscopic and
now digital photography.

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