Biography note


Nathan Gates

Born November 08, 1970 in New Orleans , Louisiana.
My interest in photography started in high school where I took a basic class. I loved it, but after a couple of years at University I decided to pursue a more stable career. My creative side could only lie dormant for so long. Years later in NY, I picked up photography again with an unrelenting desire to express myself visually.

If you look for it, beauty can be found in almost anything, even the darkest and oddest subjects. I see images in my mind when I look at the world. "How is the best way to portray this?" is a question I ask myself constantly. Weather it is a person, thing or place there is a feeling you get from it. I think a good photograph is able to express that feeling so that other people can also know it.

When Imm shooting with a person, I need to establish a connection . You have to pull something out of the person - something amazing and beautiful. I understand the fear often conjured by ancient civilizations, the camera does take a bit of the subjectms soul....but they are left with more in the end.