Biography note



Born on 1/1/1935 in Rome, Italy, where he lives, dwells and works.
Got a degree in Sociology.Began photographing in 1988.
Attended numerous photography courses run by masters like Franco Fontana, of whom he considers himself a disciple, Giuseppe Pino, Giorgio Lotti, Ferdinando Scianna, Alberta Tiburzi, Alberto Schommer, Maurizio Galimberti.Ran courses on photography and history of the photographic image in several sites including the Second University of Rome Tor Vergata.
Won prizes, awards and acknowledgements for works he presented in numerous collective and personal exhibitions.Exhibited Polaroid works on 1996 at the Galleria Randazzo, Roma.Showed works on Polaroid film and Copy Art in personal exhibition "Polafotocopieimmagini" at Associazione Culturale "Interno 7", Roma.
Was invited on November 1997 by Claude Nori from Paris to participate in a collective exhibition on the New Photography in Italy at the Galerie Municipale du Chateau D'Eau of Toulouse in France, where he presented his Polaroid works.Had his photos published by Italian magazines like: "PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE", "ZOOM", "REFLEX", "FOTOGRAFARE", "GENTE DI FOTOGRAFIA", "IL VENERDI di Repubblica", "RL Regione Lazio", "ARRIVEDERCI" of Alitalia, RCS' "ANNA", "CALUMET", Polaroid's "P", the Spanish one "FV FOTO VIDEO ACTUALIDAD" which granted him a portfolio and the cover, the Mexican one "FotoZoom".Italian publisher "EDITALIA" published a volume titled "IMMAGINI DI ROMA".Was in the editorial staff of the photographic magazine "PHOTOGRAPHIE MAGAZINE", years 1997/1998.

I'm mainly a photographer.
I look not for the new, but for what's at least different, uncommon, surprising, fun, magic, absurd.I don't care for reality, I don't care for the certainty of what's in front of my lens, I care for the creativity, the fantasy, the invention, that can gush from a cultured thought.Between the certain and the uncertain there's a possible space, for example in dreams and in fables.The subject of my pictures, mostly, is the woman in her infinite and mutable aspects of being and looking.

All the artists of the past centuries and all the artists of today, like Robert Rauschenberg, Henrich Maria Dravinghausen, Egon Schiele, Magritte, our artists like Rinaldo Mantovani, Giorgio De Chirico, Antonio Donghi.
I like Pop-Art as well as Impressionism and Baroque.

Camera - Polaroid Image Pro Camera.
Support - Polaroid Image Instant film 10.2x10.2 cm.
Polaroid Close-Up Stand.I use double, triple, multiple exposures.
I operate by hand directly on the film coming out of the camera right after the shot, when the image isn't completely developed, to "draw" some decorations.Sometimes I put a transparent sheet, colored according to my taste, between the camera and the drawing, the photo or the collage to shoot, and then I take the picture of the ensemble.
Many times I forgo the built-in flash and use little, very low-power continuous-light lamps to obtain special effects or to exalt a particular colour, especially red.I often use all these techniques together.
At present I use the computer to realize my jobs.

e-mail: [email protected]