Biography note


Luc Selen

Luc Selen lives and works in Belgium as a alround professional photographer.
After done sientic studies, He studied photography in Antwerp.
Since 1971 he works in his own studio doing mostly reportage, portrait and commercial photography.
In his free time he went to the academia of fine arts to learn more about painting and improve his oil-paintings.
The last years he started to work with digital imaging but he always start his shooting with the "conventional" film. But since the pro-digital cameras gives now enough detail more and more he is using the digital camera for commercial work. The use of the digital or analoog camera (nikon F4 & F5, hasselblad El, canon F1,) depends on the work he is gona to make (portrait, industrial work). (I always use the manuel features on the camera to keep the subject just like i want it. Even the use of flash indoors is very small, even doesn't exist, always work with available light. Flash can be used outdoors in bright sunlight)
His natural and non-professional models are just local clients without experience in modeling and their first contact with a photosession. Luc let them pose with a sense of natural glamour that accentuate their natural beauty and personality.

Luc let his clients pose with a sense of natural glamour that accentuate their natural beauty and personality


Luc Selen lebt und arbeitet in Belgien. Er studierte Photographie in Antwerpen.
Seit 1971 arbeitet er in seinem eigenen Atelier und beschaftigt sich zumeist Reportagen, Portrait-, und kommerzieller Photographie.
In seiner freien Zeit besuchte er die Akademie der feinen Kunste, um mehr uber das Malen zu lernen und um seine Olgemalde zu verbessern.
Die letzten Jahre fing er mit digitaler Photographie an zu arbeiten. Seine Shootings startet er aber immer noch mit dem "konventionellen" Film.
Seine naturlichen und nicht-professionellen Modelle sind lokale Kunden ohne Model-Erfahrung und meist mit ihrem ersten Kontakt bei der Photosession.
Luc lie? sie mit seinem Sinn fur den naturlichem Zauber posieren und hob ihre naturliche Schonheit und Personlichkeit hervor.