Biography note


Dave Krueger
Mr. Krueger’s fascination with photography started at age 14 when he was given a box of photographic equipment left behind by the passing of a relative many years before.

After developing film sheets still in the old film holders, he was intrigued to find images made decades before of people and scenes no longer familiar to his family. Since that time, nearly four decades ago, he has never been without the means and the interest to make black and white pictures.

Practical considerations and a seven year stint as a technician in the Navy, led Mr. Krueger to choose engineering as a career, relegating photography to the status of a hobby. However, in 1989, he successfully entered the commercial photography field on a part time basis to help offset the costs of equipment. After seven years, he gave that up to pursue his photographic interest strictly for enjoyment.

Mr. Krueger is completely self-taught when it comes to both the craft of photography as well as the art of composition. He has worked with color, but his passion has always been black and white. In general, he prefers 35mm for his cityscapes, but uses both 35mm and medium format for studio work. While his commercial images were produced almost exclusively with a 4x5 view camera, he rarely uses that format for his artistic endeavors. He continues to do all of his own lab work, including the production of his limited-edition fine art prints.

When asked how to judge a picture, Mr. Krueger responds, “It’s simple, really. A photograph, regardless of the subject, is only art if the viewer perceives it that way. A good photograph is one that attracts attention and holds it. A great photograph is one that's remembered. An exceptional photograph is one that, when no longer available to look at, is missed.”

Of his connection to photographic art, Mr. Krueger says, “I love black and white photography. I love to view the work of others and upon seeing an exceptional image, I feel a wave of excitement course through me no different from what classical music lovers probably feel at the sound of the symphonies of Beethoven or Mozart. While I may never be listed among the world’s most revered photographers, I love that I have the wonderful opportunity to participate with those other great artisans of the silver image and share their approach to expression through that unique medium.”
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