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Pierre Thomas Karkau
Pierre Thomas Karkau was born in Bernburg, Germany. He studied interior design in Berlin before finally deciding to concentrate on photography in 1987. He gradually migrated towards fashion as a specialty and worked as an assistant for many top photographers in the fashion capitol of Milan, Italy. He's been in Dusseldorf since 1990 working as a freelancer photographer, where his core clientele are in fashion and advertising. His first book, Models Secret , was published by TeNeus in 2003.

Models Secret is an engaging vision of fashion models stripped down to their bare and often naked essentials. It's a gorgeous collection of black and white photography from Pierre Thomas Karkau, who has been involved in the fashion industry since 1990.

This is a huge book at 11 x 14" and is beautifully produced by TeNeus Publishing. It's comprised of over 150 photographs. What Karkau reveals is not so much a behind-the-scenes look at the modeling world with snapshots of runway models and location shoots, though there is some of this. What he presents here is a glimpse into the deliciously sensual world that these models are so adept at creating. It's more fantasy than documentary, more beautiful than reportive. But is does all this with a distinctly grand and illustrious style, and the girls are so amazingly, so breathtakingly beautiful - long, tall, curvaceous angels that are experts at "turning on" before the camera. With the enthusiastic eye of a party-guest and the attention of a true voyeur, Karkau tantalizes us with scenes that are erotic, imaginative, sophisticated, and fun - with photographs that bring us closer to each model's secret. This is one of Michelle7's BEST BOOKS OF 2003.

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