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Ilias Kapetanakis
Ilias Kapetanakis was born in 1977 at the foot of central Pelion at the place where proud Iolkos of legendary Jason and the Argonauts had reigned supreme. Early in his childhood, his fancy was captivated by the legends and the magic of colours and shapes of Mount Pelion.

The memories persisted and soon became virtual experiences and exerted such an influence on the life of the teenager that he soon started trying to capture this miracle of nature with his brushes and photographic lens.

Like Jason his ancestor, he, too, embarked on a long expedition not in the cold, inhospitable waters of the Black Sea in pursuit of the Golden Fleece but in the warm waters of Art in pursuit of beauty, truth and light. However, a sudden sickness of his father's dashed his dreams just before admission to the School of Fine Arts. This, after all, turned out to be a blessing in disguise because in 1998 he met the Greek-American professor John Kakouris, who initiated him in the wondrous world of computer graphics and web design. The chemistry between teacher and student soon forged an ideal relationship of mythical dimensions, like the bond between Cheiron the Centaur and Jason. Ilias was awarded several prizes and honours for his works during this fruitful apprenticeship.

Full of knowledge and dreams he returns to Volos, where in early 2000 he attaches himself to "Palmos", an advertising company, where for three consecutive years he creates brochures and advertising material in general for the promotion of products of known and unknown companies in both the Thessaly region and the wider territory of Greece. It is a high pressure job and Ilias uses every chance he gets to escape into the mystique of the great mountain. Following into the steps of his forebears along the maze of paths, he keeps discovering more and more wonders of this sacred area, and with the help of his cameras he arrests many moments in time. His love of Pelion grows by the day, especially as he meets other like-minded people.

In 2002 he meets Jill Sleeman, an English resident of Mouresi in north-east Pelion. They both sing their paeans to Pelion and the idea of is born. Jill did not know much about the Internet world at the time, but she did have some great ideas. In their discussions Ilias would repeatedly intone that a great love for something is the stepping stone to the achievement of many goals. And the first goal has already been attained: Pelionet, the absolute portal to Mount Pelion.

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