Biography note


Joe Branske

The expression "making the strange familiar and the familiar strange" is one that can be applied to what Joe Branske accomplishes through his photography.
Using a camera as a means, Joe comes up with beautifully inspiring ends that capture the very essence of a subject.
Joe's photographs go far beyond just recording a specific moment in time. As an artist who has honed his craft for almost twenty years, Joe has learned how to tell a story with a single photograph.
By employing light in a way that will help him achieve a desired look or feel, Joe can call details to the forefront that would otherwise only resonate deep within his subject. At the same time, he can shape light in ways that will mask any semblance of reality.

More concisely, Joe Branske is capable of telling varying degrees of both truth and fiction through his work by marrying the perfect amounts of both science and imagination.

Working to obtain your desired effect, Joe would like to tell a story for you.
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Joe Branske Photography