Biography note


Ilona Wellmann

I live in Germany, Gummersbach near Cologne (Köln).
I am Hungarian, but have also lived for two years in
California, then returned to Germany where I have
lived with my husband for the past ten years.
Earlier, mostly my husband shot photos, and my self
rather the passive object.

I now spend a lot of time
behind the camera after purchasing a Canon digital
camera and seeing all the amassing possibilities to
personal creativity. I ´m quiet a newcomer and started
this passion about two year ago.
I dedicate all my spare
time to the new way of seeing the world.
I have completed the school of architecture and it
seems to be the right study for recognizing details in
structure of objects, people and environment.
Many people say that digital photography is a
manipulation of reality, but in my opinion it is an
open door to personal creativity. Like paintings
which are not necessarily reality.
From this point of view the results are more them
photography in a classical style. I participate in
photo contests on the Internet and won a quite a few.
I am more attracted by Digital Art, Still life,
Portraiture and B&W I am a member of DPI
( Digital Photography Internationale)
http://www. and an associate
artist by Monsoon Images (Stock Imagery)

email : [email protected]