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Huib Limberg

Photographic Curriculum Vitae of Huib Limberg
My photographic Curriculum Vitae starts at approximately 1972, when I obtained a
half-size compact camera as a birthday gift from my wife. During the next hollidays
I recorded quite a lot of “Vacation Memories”.
Due to my heritable passion for nature I also started making pictures of insects,
flowers, animals in their natural surroundings and...sunsets.
Because I wanted to edit the negatives myself I bought an enlarger in 1976 and this
gave me the opportunity to enlarge the birds, deer, and so on up to 30x40 cm myself.
As friends and members of my family were very enthusiastic about the results, I decided
to write an article supported with photographs.In 1978 this article has
been published in the monthly issued photographic magazine “Focus” and in
the late 70’s several other articles I wrote have been included in this magazine as well.
In 1979 I joined the local photoclub, called the Fotokring Soest, which resulted in becoming
an ambitious hobby photographer. As a member of this photoclub I joined several contests
and as a consequence of the good results I got the urge to send my work to foreign exhibitions
as well. These exhibitions gave me the opportunity to compare the quality of my work to the
work of photographers abroad. The final result, after being rejected two times, was an
acceptation to the “3rd Salon International Hayange 1981” in France.The statistics of the salon
showed me that only one out of sixty photographs submitted by Dutch photographers was accepted.
The one and only photograph (mine!) out of sixty, submitted by Dutch photographers, a very
stimulating experience! In 1980/1981 I worked on the subject of “Traffic Signs” and this resulted
in a portfolio of 8 photos which allowed me, as a nominee Dutch Federation Master Class,to
be present at the national black/white discussion group in 1982.
During many years, starting in 1982, my theme has been “Wall-Landscapes” and in 1984 I
obtained the title of Confederacy Master Class (B.M.K.) of the Dutch “Fotobond” with a
portfolio of twenty photos about this subject.
Also in 1984 the photoclub Fotokring Soest which I was a member of was closed down and in
February 1984 I therefore joined the oldest photoclub in Holland: the N.A.F.V. in Amsterdam.
In June 1984 I founded a new photo-club, together with two photo-friends, called the “Fotogroep
Soest”. Criterion we aim: “The photo-club has a maximum of six group-members
who are accepted by ballotage in order to make sure that all of them are
like-minded. The ultimate goal of all group-members is active participation
in exhibition thus showing their images to the world!”
In 1985 I won my first international award, the so called Trofeo Pavone
in the 4th Chianciano Terme in Italy.
In 1985 I received my first international decoration,the AFIAP, followed
by the EFIAP in 1988.
In 1989 I graduated to the Masterclass of my photoclub N.A.F.V. in Amsterdam.
In the mean time my participation in international exhibitions has been
honoured with 25 awards out of 300acceptations (140 different works).I also
had the honour to be a member of the jury during several national and
international events, which Ialways appreciate very much.
As a photographer I focus on specific areas of interest. Each area is explored until the ultimate
limit is reached and this may take six months but may also last four years or even longer!
Thus I created black and white series such as:” Traffic Signs”, “Wall Landscapes”,
” Serial Photography/Sequences” and colour series like: “ Snow Landscapes”,
” Billboards”, flowers/plantsand “Shop-windows”

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