Biography note


Guelfo Ajello

Everything started in the middle of the ‘60s : I worked at the front office of a famous hotel downtown in Milan.

A well known English fashion photographer while on assignment in our country staid for quite a long time with us.

When he left our hotel, owing to some divergences with his agency….nobody settled the hotel bill….

An old and quite smashed Nikon F body was left at the hotel: After the time foreseen by the law that damn old body got in my possession: With a cheap 35 wide lens which I bought, I started to take some pictures….

Other photographers (LIFE magazine) , being favourably impressed by my snapshots, suggested to leave the hotels (?) and take photography as profession….

By the way, I terminated my career as… hotel director but photography has always been a great love for me.

I am now a retired grandpa but still very active with my cameras, I am very happy to have started also with digital.

Guelfo Ajello
via Cividale, 469 c
I - 33100 Udine

phone 0432.580553
mobile 349.7118860