Biography note


Gomez Alzaga Martin

Martin Gomez Alzaga was born in Buenos Aires in 1972, were he
actually reside.

He started to study Arts in 1993 at The National School of Arts. Between 1994 and aw1998 studied Photography at different places like: Photo Design, C.U.B.A., University of Belgrano and Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Actually, he is working as a photographer for some editors and
publishing groups, making shots of different kind, such us modeling,
products, graphic campaigns, nature, wildlife and so.

During 1999, he had created a personal on-line Bank of Images, were he shows his work to the world, and created a feedback with new clients for furthers jobs.

Fotositio consists on about pictures focused in: nature
(farming, insects, flowers, livestock, agriculture, wildlife, pests, animals), landscape, arquitecture, people, culture, macro photography, cities in America, and studio shots.