Biography note



Janique Gagnon

Η Σειρά φωτογραφιών going crazy έχει πάρει μέρος στον 1ο Διεθνή διαγωνισμό φωτογραφίας FOTO ART MAGAZINE με θέμα : Φωτογραφίζοντας σαν Σινεμά

The series of photographs going crazy has taken part on of 1st International photograph competition FOTO ART MAGAZINE with subject: Photographing like cinema

I consider myself as a photographer of the strangeness that is hidden in our daily normality.

These pictures were taken with a 8mm lens (also known as a fish eye)and that explains why the images are surrounded by a circle. This shape remembers the viewer that what he sees has been taken by a lens, like in cinema.

It tells the story of a group of friends who sense tensions between them. They are bored and they have nothing left to say to each others. The man leaves, one of the women tries to entertain herself with the dogs while the other woman feels like she doesn\'t belong there. She tries to entertain herself with her own imagination but gets caught in it. She ends up having so much fun with herself alone that she becomes completely disconnected from reality and happily sinks into her madness. 

This story shows that even the normality of the daily routine can push someone into crazyness...and it seems to be the trendy illness of our times. Some people can stick to reality (like the woman who plays with the dogs) while others cannot(like the man who runs away and the woman who turns crazy).