Biography note


Gaetan Caputo

  I s SHE…a provocative angel or a sober goddess ? Once the photographer's lens focuses on her, the model enters into a magical world. Gaetan Caputo's universe is one of discovery. Out of his cosmos emerges his love for fashion, women and our world. Some transform everything they touch into gold. Gaetan transforms all those he photographs, in a flash, into a work of art. A body, a setting, a reflection are enough for him to let beauty explode on a simple piece of film. The view of the artist and man combine to produce an eye-catching portfolio. His creations are a hymn to the awakening of the senses, to womanhood and grace. His talent brings out the best in his models : all those extrinsic qualities previously ignored and now realized . The revelation of those secrets in print reveals an undescriptive amount of magic and skill.

G aetan's image is distinctive and can't be mistaken. His passion for fashion is reflected in his latest trendy fashion-shoots. And though his fashion photography is often used as his business-card, he tries not to be tagged as a fashion photographer. Freedom is his motto and his work includes journalism, fashion and artistic nude. This photographer is driven by the human being's mysteries. He wants to discover, to understand, to appreciate the world around him, keeping all those aspects of life, sometimes taken surreptitiously, in a providential album. All this is the result of an off-hand meeting with an agent. An encounter that changed his course of life and transformed him into a magician of images.

H is artistic style amazes, seduces or irritates. From the simple to the outrageously exquisite provocation, he declines the traditional reality while rendering that mysterious side, almost surreal, to his photos. One is captured by this mixture of brutality and sensual beauty and is forever touched by that photographic ecstasy. Some are shocked by his indecent playfullness But isn't art supposed to shock the senses ? His women are beautiful creatures that he sublimely portrays. It is a true declaration of love for the female race which he exposes and shares without false modesty or cynism. His sincerity is cleary evidenced in his work.

A nd so the saga of this young Belgian continues. He doesn't preach perfection, his art is evolving all the time. He doesn't know if his art is a passion for photography or his love for women . But doubt quickly transforms itself into a bright flash of creativity. Looking at the creative images of this man, you'd think he's the son of Merlin… transforming everyday reality into a magical journey… with his camera.

N ewton, Lindbergh, Demarchelier or Mondino are his examples but he throws dust into the eyes of these high standing references. Above all it's the image that counts. That diversity that he explores throughout different styles and angles with remarkable ease. His images have a natural grace, are unrestrained and reveal the realistic view that men have of this world and other people. The artist's eyes are the beginning and the end, the realisation of the work of art. It's his view upon the models that leave you phantasizing about the perfect woman. This passionate photographer's vision has shown us that every woman has the potential of an unsuspicious perfection. Does perfection exsist ? Maybe… Gaetan Caputo makes us want to believe it does.