Biography note


Frans Jacobs

Frans Jacobs was born in 1945 in Maastricht, the oldest town of the Netherlands, were he is still living. Frans is an "autodidact" ( selfmade ) photographer. He started with photography only in 1997 "by accident". His niece Anouk ( 12 years ) asked him to make a nice picture of her. With an old second hand camera he started to make Anouk's pictures. Than the camera broke down and also the film. But from the few "rescued" good pictures was the one of Anouk. The result gived Frans the idea to start Portrait & Model Photography. All pictures are Analog pics. Frans is no "technical freak", he makes pictures "with his stomac" ( Feelings ).
The specialisme of Frans is: "Female Emotions" In each picture Frans tryes to expose one ( an ) emotion of the model, whatever that emotion is: the young shane teenage girl of the pose of the prowed nude. Frans Jacobs had several expositions in The Netherlands and was selected for some Dutch photo competitions.
Visitors can react in English. Je parle Francais. Reactionen in Deutsch willkommen. Je mag natuurlijk ook in het Nederlands reageren. Iech spreek Mestreechs.

Frans Jacobs.
Maastricht NL
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