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New Zealand
Felicity Rogers

ARTIST STATEMENT - Felicity Rogers

Based in Auckland, New Zealand I first took up photography in 1996. Since
them my images have developed from the Darkroom to Digital Imaging and 3D
Computer Animation. My passion lies in conjuring up magical scenes of
surreal conceptual imagery.

I currently use an Olympus C-4040 Digital Camera, with 4.1 mega pixels. Each
image is made up from about 5 photos and combined together in the computer
using Adobe Photoshop.

When viewing my art work, I prefer that people create their own
interpretation of the images, or simply enjoy them as a visual medium. As
an artist, I am interested in capturing those elusive images that dreams are
made of. My photography is very much about exploring the imagination. I
hope that my images inspire others to seek out their own "Dreamscapes".

CURRICULUM VITAE - Felicity Rogers

- Front page article in Auckland's "North Shore Times Advertiser".
- June 2002 Feature Gallery at
- Creative NZ "Screen Innovation Production Fund" Grant to go towards the
creation of a short 3d computer animated film.
- Solo Photography Exhibition "Through the Mind's Eye", Aotea Centre,
Auckland, May 21st - 9th June 2002.
- Photography article in New Zealand's "Metro" magazine.
- "Ronald Woolf Memorial Trust" Grant to fund solo exhibition.

- Guest Photography Speaker for the "The Edge" Youth Arts Festival held at
the Aotea Centre 2001.
- Guest Speaker at the Photographic Society of New Zealand's National
Exhibition 2001.
- Photographic Society of New Zealand "Associateship Honours" (APSNZ).
- Diploma in 3D Computer Animation "Industry Panel Award" for "Excellence in
Lighting and Rendering".

- 3 page spread of Photography and Feature Article published in UK Magazine
"What Digital Camera".
- Gold Medal for photograph in "Abstract Monochrome" section of the North
Shore National Salon of Photography.
- Grand Prize Winner in the Japanese Internet International Photo Contest.
- Grand Prize Winner in the American Online Photography Competition "Digital
Photo Contest".

- Photography interview on TV3's news program "Nightline".

- UNITEC "Certificate in Photography" and Agfa Scholarship, for "Most
Innovative Student".
- Artwork published on cover of "Photography International" magazine.
- Ronald Woolf Youth Award for "Best under 25(yrs) print", from the
Photographic Society of New Zealand.


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