Biography note


Faustinus Deraet

Faustinus Deraet was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and moved to Mexico City where he grew up. After. 6 years of working for IBM he decided to go back to school and pursue his true passion: photography. He obtained a Bachelor's in Photography in 1994, and opened a studio in Mexico City.
He actually lives in Austin, working on his artisitc photography and also as a commercial photographer, He specializes in portrait photography. His personal work has been showed in USA, Mexico City, and Hungry.

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<< Learning to Feel >> is a series of black & white images, they are about the way I feel things instead about how I see things, They are taken out of focus in the camera, and sometimes I increased the blurriness while printing. I did it in order to make you see with your own eyes, It?s like a visual experience, ?everything is in the eyes of the beholder?. The images translate the timeless sensation of being in a universal place. I gave similary titles titled with a verb indicating process, they give you only an idea of what the photograph could be about