Biography note
The Netherlands
Cor Heynen

I am Cor Heijnen, born on 12 October 1964 . During art academy classes when drawing and painting models I got introduced to photography. This was in 1994 or so. I enrolled in course of photo-printing together with portrait-/model photography organised by a photography club. To this I added a 2 years course for Photoshop™. Quickly my work started to draw attention at the photo club forum discussions. This encouraged me to develop my photography even more. To achiev this goal I enrolled in a top course “portfolio” at the Centre of Arts in Eindhoven . It resulted twice with an exhibition. This success bolstered my confidence helping me in deciding to audition (an critiqued) at the photo-academy. This resulted in the academy allowing me to start in the 3 rd year and I graduated in 2001. My works got the highest jury score that year: 9.7. Tis jury was composed out of experts from the world of arts and photography. My work is known for its individualism, unique and recognizabel style. It exists of free works and theme photography. Next to photography I am very interested in designing and therefore I am active in interactive multimedia design.

1994-1999 * various prizes in competitions

1998 * gold medal in German Photo saloon (Herten)
* exhibition in Centre for arts Eindhoven Holland

1999 * joining Portfolio Top course in the Centre of Arts Eindhoven followed by exhibition
* exhibition of the year works Photo academy (Belgium)

2000 * international award A-FIAP (federation international
art photography)

2001 * graduated at the Belgian photo academy with the
highest score, followed by exhibition
* Foto Nationaal. Dutch National Exhibition reviewing work by
20 of the best Dutch photographers.

2002 * Solo-exhibition in gallery Op3 in Eindhoven. Date 2 June until
18 July 2002
* Exhibition Kristallijn in Belgium.

Within my photography, I aim to interprete a possible reality, as many photographers do. My photos capture subjects I see and envisage. This is not enough for me. I try to express emotions with my pictures. To achieve this I create my own reality. Why? My realities I need are rarely found in daily-life. My photography is orchastrated or story-boarded in such a way that the end-result could have occurred in real-life. I see myself more as a director than a photographer, where photography is the medium I use to convey my inspiration and creativity. So I see myself more an artist in creating an image than a foto-journlaist or documentalist which primarily registers a situation or event. Herein lies my strength and also how I differentiate myself from most other photographers. These emotions I express in my images are real and the situations I create could be found in real life. Some of my images may shock the viewer, unintentionally when this happens on my part but this can happen as my images can confront the viewer with himself through their content.

Cor Heynen
Offenbachlaan 384
5654 RM Eindhoven
The Netherlands
E-mail:[email protected]