Biography note


Hans Claesson
Hans Claesson, Sweden

I was born 1966 on the Island Ockero on the swedish west coast where I still live. Work as an engineer at a big company and do photography in the free time. The real interest in photography started when digital cameras arrived. To see the result right away was (and still is) very satisfying and good for the learning process. Learning is a never ending process and the possiblities to get satisfaction from photography are endless. Many photographers specialize in one area but I think it's important for the inspiration and creativity to also try new things. If I have any speciality it is water, how it's moving, how the light effects it and how to use the camera to capture it. Sometimes I like to get good images straight from the camera, sometimes I do pure DigitalArt but in most cases something in between. I have met many nice helpful people along the way and I hope to meet more. Thank you all! Photography for me is not only to show all the pretty things around us, I also try to have deeper feelings and thoughts behind the image. Photography is an artform, let us all try to keep it that way and have fun while we are doing it! // Hans Claesson

e-mail: [email protected]