Biography note


Carreno Leonardo

- Formed as photographer in the school New Dimension (Paraguay 1444 Montevideo - Uruguay).

- Graphic Designer egresado of the School of High Studies in Communication, Ability of Design ORT Uruguay.

-Mention in the competition photographic rehearsal organized by the magazine Postdates, rehearsal photographic " Station ", May of 2000, 5 num 120.

-publication of pictures of the series a walk for the old city",
Guide of Montevideo of the Municipal Intendency of Montevideo.

- Integral of the sample collective intinerante carried out by the National Commission of the Patrimony March of 2000.

- Publication of 5 pictures in the section Briefcases in
of the series a walk for the old city."

- It auctions photographic for the children of the father's work Martin"

-Mention in the Competition photographic Day of the Patrimony 2001 and integral of the collective sample carried out by the National Commission of the Patrimony.

-Nominated to the Joop Swart Masterclass 2002 carried out by the foundation
World Press Photo. March of 2002.

Previous works:

-integral of the Staff of photographers of Fotoscopio Bank of Latin American Images Rivadavia 3132 8? C Bs Ace Argentina.

-Photographer free rushes of the Editorial House Jorge Rossi, Square 2407 Capable 2E Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Photographer free rushes of the magazine Boston News, Bank Boston Uruguay.

-Photographic -production for the realization of the Video Clip Uruguay
toward the New Economy."

-Educational in the school of picture New Dimension Paraguay 1444.
Being responsible for the transmission of basic knowledge of picture.

-design of Logo for the company

Photographic -production for the Campaign of wines Premiun Cellar Filgueira.
03 of 2002

Photographic -production for the place

-Gallery “old city”"06 of 2003.