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Κώστας Αργύρης - Kostas Argyris

Kostas A R G Y R I S was born in Chalkis, Greece, in 1961. While still a
student in the Faculty of Humanities at the Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki (1979), he practiced amateur photography and worked
professionally in cinema and television productions. Has been full time
professional photographer since 1984. Since 1986 he has traveled all over
the Greece on free lance assignments. For five years (1991-1995) he worked
as resident accredited photographer in the monastic state of Mt Athos and he
was also curator of the Mount Athos Photographic Archive.
He is a member of the Greek Union of Photojournalists. He is based in

Kostas Argyris's work from Mount Athos has been shown in:
Thessaloniki, Greece, 1997, Museum of Byzantine Culture,
The Tresors of Mount Athos;
Nice, France, 2000, Gallery Renoir,
Month of Photography-15 Europian Photographers;
Skopelos, Greece, 2001, Photographic Center,
Biennale-The Spirit of the Religion;
Thessaloniki, Greece, 2001, Museum of Cinema,
The Spirit of the Religion;
Bratislava, Slovakia, 2002, Gallery Quo Vadis,
Month of Photography;
Veroia, Greece, 2002, Choros Tehnon,
Aspects of Mount Athos.

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