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Art Nude
Andreas Ender
andreas ender, born 1969:
Member of:Photographic Society of America (PSA)
         Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP)
         Verband osterreichischer Amateurfotografen Vereine (VOAV)
         Verwertungsgesellschaft bildender Kunstler Osterreichs (VBK)
         Fotoclub Dornbirn
         Kulturkreis Hohenems
andreas ender experimented with graphic shapes and colours in 1986, but 
soon he discovered his love for the anatomy of the human body and took
up nude painting in 1990. His characteristic style is a mixture of his          
talent and various courses to refine his technical, personal and physical
skills. He acquired his knowledge by himself and is very proud of it
Above all, it was his characteristic style that lead to his first group
and individual exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
In 1992 he discovered photography as an art form for himself. 
He participated successfully in numerous national and international 
exhibitions. "Learning by doing" was a costly and time consuming process 
but the international success and attention have proven him right. Since   
then andreas ender has acquired various national and international awards 
and medals for outstanding photographic achievements.
1996: andreas ender was awarded the bronze and the silver badges of honour 
for outstanding photographic achievements in Austria and the honorary title 
1997: andreas ender was awarded the golden badge of honour for outstanding  
photographic achievements in Austria, the honorary title EVOAV as well as 
various medals in national exhibitions.
1998: andreas ender was awarded the honorary title AFIAP for outstanding    
international photographic achievements (internationally renowned photoartist).
2000: "Award of Merit" for colour pictures and slides by the "Photographic 
Society of America" (USA), diploma for "Flower-3" by the "Photographic Society
of Gipuzkoa" (E).
2001: andreas ender was awarded the honorary title EFIAP for outstanding    
international photographic achievements (excellent internationally renowned   
photoartist), the golden badge of honour for the most outstanding photographic
achievements in Austria as well as the honorary title MVOAV.
In the past three years photography has become more and more important for
andreas ender and predominates his creativity. After a meeting in Bregenz
with Spencer Tunick, action- and performance photography have become more
and more important for the artist. Spencer Tunick is world famous for  his 
"massnudes", which have caused a stir.
andreas ender has organized various exhibitions for artists from different 
lines and countries, runs black and white lab, portrait and nude workshops
in the Lake Constance area and has headed the nude photography section at 
the Kunstforum Montafon since 2000. Some of andreas ender's projects:
photo-art.3-D, photo-marathon (28 hours of continuous photography), various
performances and body painting sessions, fountains in Vorarlberg, Videoper
formancephotoart, online-erotic-photo-art-exchange, fairy tales - elves
wood gnomes, Projections, 1/15 seconds, ...
The following photographershave had lasting influence on andreas ender's 
artwork: Spencer Tunick with his work with crowds in public places, Davide          
Armando with his perspectives, Howard Schatz with his absolute perfectionism
in aesthetics, Craig Morey with his simplicity, Herb Ritts with "Men and 
Women", Anton Corbijn with Depeche Mode and all the other superstars,Helmut
Newton with his consistency, Joel-Peter Witkin with his courage to pursue   
his art, Dahmane with his hidden voyeurism, Eric Kroll and Richard Kern in 
the fetish and porn-art field, Trevor Watson with the provocant pictures          
of rubber fashion, Tony Ward with his "Obsessions", Gilles Berquet  with 
his lab techniques, Floria Sigismondi and Bettina Rheims, two of only  few 
women who master this art. You will find more information about the artists
on my link list
Andreas Ender
Mauthausstrasse 23a
A-6845 Hohenems
+43650 3 101 101
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